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  • A little birdie told us that this month’s cache hiding theme is birdhouses—and the geocaching community delivered! These cache hiders really let their ideas soar with these im-peck-able hides, all while staying within the geocache hiding guidelines! While we love our brilliant birdhouse caches, remember that they should not be attached to a tree with...

  • Traditional GC1JJ1E by AirQ Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1 Location: Hong Kong N 22° 16.708 E 114° 08.791 Towering over the vibrant urban landscape of Central Hong Kong stands Victoria Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Island. A popular path on the mountain, The Peak Circle Walk, offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and...

  • ¡Hemos recopilado los 5 mejores Shorts de geocaching del canal de Youtube de Geocaching para tí! ¡Estos vídeos están entre los mejores, y puedes creernos cuando te decimos que no quieres perderte un segundo! 1. ¡Este geocaché está listo para despegar! 🚀  2. ¡Este geocaché es salvaje! 🤯  3. ¡Este geocaché te va...