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  • Le mois dernier, nous avons demandé aux géocacheurs sur Facebook et Twitter de raconter l’histoire de leurs premières découvertes — et vous avez répondu à notre appel ! Voici quelques exemples : Des caches pour se connecter à ses amis et à la communauté… “Alors que nous vivions en Italie il y a quelques années,...

  • Pack your headlamps and reflective gear because this week we’re exploring the mysterious and wonderful world of night caches! A night cache is a geocache that is difficult or impossible to find during the day. Typically, the posted coordinates for a night cache are at the start of a path that leads to the exact...

  • Traditional GC46BZ4 by El-Caminante Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 1.5 Location: Québec, Canada N 46° 48.784′ W 071° 12.332′ On the banks of the mighty St. Lawrence, perched upon a hill, Château Frontenac towers above Québec City as its metaphorical gateway. The colossal structure—equipped with chimneys, spires, turrets, and towers—resembles something from a fantasy novel! Join us...