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  • There will be three awards, one per category as "Best container", "Best location","Best mystery" and "Best series".
  • The winners will be elected from a list of 150 nominees. This list has been prepared including a number of nominees for each Autonomous Community in Spain proportional to the number of caches published in each community during 2013. Within each community, the nominees were selected according to their number of favorite points at the time of the selection. If you detect an error in the list of nominees, please send us the information before 19 November so we can correct the list. 

  • Five finalists in each category will be elected by the geocacher community by voting (see below). The winners will be chosen among the finalists by a Jury selected by GeocachingSpain.

  • Prizes will be awarded during the Christmas food/dinner to be held on December 14, 2014.

  • In addition to the promotion that means to get to the final, finalists will get a diploma.
  • Voting will start on November 20 and will be closed on December 10.

  • It is only possible to vote caches that are in the list of nominees.
  • Only one vote per team will be allowed and it is required to have signed as found thecaches that you vote.

  • Voting will be performed using mail system. The voting procedure is explained in the link below.

  • Any communication, as well as the results of votes, will be published on this page.




Mejor contenedor200 Mejor Ubicación200 Mejor Mystery200 Mejor serie200


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